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Five reasons you should be reading comics

Eric Weideman


When people think about comics they automatically think about Superman, Batman, Spiderman, or really any other superhero.  What nobody realizes is that comic books are not just about superheroes saving the world. There are tons of other genres to choose from: horror, action, sci-fi, comedy, and many more.Comic Picture1

What non-comic readers don’t realize is that there are comic companies other than Marvel and DC. These are called independent companies, since Marvel is owned by Disney, and Warner Brothers owns DC Comics.

What this means is there is more to comics than campy superheroes, and there is so much to chose from.  It’s also worth noting that many popular movies and TV shows are directly based on comic books, like “The Walking Dead,” Frank Miller’s “300,” “Kick-Ass,” “Judge Dredd,” “Hellboy,” and even “Men in Black.”


They’re not for kids anymore

Comic Books have come a long way from the childish spoon-fed plots of the 1960s. These days comics have a gritty feel to them, and the writers won’t shy away from violence.

Back in the day, there was this thing called the Comics Code Authority formed by the Comics Magazine Association of America. It was a censorship program to keep violence and gore out of comics and away from children.

After the 1980s, the public became more accepting of violence and other suggestive material in comic books, and in 2001 Marvel bypassed the CCA.  Today only DC Comics, Archie Comics, and Bongo Comics still adhere to the CCA.  Modern comics use a letter rating system very similar to video games.

It’s real reading

Comic Books are always shrugged off as picture books, but they’re much more than that. Comic books are real literature: they win awards, they’re adapted into movies and TV shows, and one could argue that they have more influence on TV and movies than regular books.

Even if you’re a book lover comics are a great change of pace, and once you start them they’re hard to put down.

The art

The art in comic books is simply amazing. Each artist has their own style of drawing, and good art adds so much to the story.

When you sit down and read a comic book, the art immerses you into the story, and it really feels like you’re in the comic. If you are an art enthusiast, or if you just enjoy to draw, you will really enjoy comic books.

The possibilities are infinite

With no actor contracts or studio deals like the movies, the possibilities with comic books are infinite.  Comic book writers will never run out of ideas. There will always be another character to be introduced or killed, or a crossover to be had.

While print comics might be slowly fading away, the introduction of digital comics has made it easier for people, and comic books are continuing to grow. Most of all, if there is a topic you enjoy, there is most likely a comic book out there for you. So, get out there and go read comics!

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Five reasons you should be reading comics