Movie Review: Big Hero 6

Baymax in Big Hero 6 (

Baymax in Big Hero 6 (

Ryan Mills

Big Hero 6” will take viewers on an emotional roller coaster, effortlessly shifting among action-adventure, comedy, and drama.

One will find themselves in awe of the amazing action scenes, laughing hysterically at the playful humor, and even shedding tears for 14-year-old Hiro Hamada.

The movie sends the viewers off to the futuristic city of  “San Fransokyo,” a combination of San Francisco and Tokyo.

Hiro Hamada is not an ordinary 14-year-old, he is a genius, he finished high school at the age of 13 and is a robotics expert and enthusiast.

He lives with his aunt Cass and his older brother Tadashi.

Hiro starts off hustling cash in the underground robot fighting circuit, but this does not last long. Tadashi is also a robotics expert. He studies at the well respected robotics university. Tadashi believes that Hiro has far more potential than he is using doing his bot fighting and hustling.

It seems that whatever Tadashi tries he cannot stray Hiro down the right path. Tadashi attempts to inspire Hiro towards a greater goal, attending the robotics university.

Tadashi introduces Hiro to the robotics university and this catches Hiro’s interest. Hiro meets Tadashi’s four friends (Honey Lemon, Go Go, Wasabi and Fred) whom create brilliant new tech designs in their nerd lab think-tank. Along with that Hiro meets, bot fighting creator, professor Callaghan, who is Hiro’s idol.

As they visited the university Tadashi introduces Hiro to his latest invention, Baymax, a personal healthcare robot.

After the visit Hiro no longer wants to bot fight and hustle. Hiro’s one and only goal is to get into the Robotics University. Which, in order to do so he needs to create an invention that will impress professor Callaghan at the annual robotics convention. Hiro comes up with Micro-bots, a swarm of tiny robots that can link together in any arrangement imaginable.

To no surprise Hiro’s invention impresses Callaghan granting him admission into college. Not only do the micro-bots impress Callaghan, but also Alistair Krei, owner of prestigious robotics company Krei Tech. Krei does not have a good reputation in which he is known for cheating, lying, and cutting corners.

Krei offers a lot of money to Hiro for his invention, but Hiro declines. Suddenly after the convention a fire breaks out and the university bursts into flames. Tadashi realizes that his beloved professor Callaghan was left behind in the building so Tadashi goes in to try and save him.

That is the last we see of Tadashi. Almost as soon as he steps into the building it blows up, killing him. After the tragedy Hiro isolates himself from everyone for a long period of time, until one day he accidentally activates Baymax.

Hiro discovers one micro-bot in his pocket that somehow survived the fire. Baymax thinks that the micro-bot is trying to go somewhere and follows it to an abandoned warehouse where they discover someone mass producing micro-bots.

Hiro runs into a masked man who uses these micro-bots to scare him off, but who is this masked man?

Hiro wants to dig deeper and find out who this mask man really is. Before he can do that, he needs a team that can handle these deadly micro-bots. So Hiro upgrades Baymax into a fighting machine and accessorizes the think-tank nerds with super power suits so they can fight off the masked man. Doing so they create the Big Hero 6 which includes, Honey Lemon, Go Go, Wasabi, Fred, Hiro, and one cannot forget Baymax.

“Big Hero 6” takes the viewers on a mysterious hunt to find out who lurks behind the mask.

“Big Hero 6” is the first real collaboration between Disney Animation and Marvel, creating a combination of charm and action which, exhibits the best of both studios.

The action scenes were on point offering some great battle and chase sequences. The characters were all well-played and all had different personalities that could be relatable to any viewer. “Big Hero 6” also provided great comedy and fun for the whole family.

I would have to say though, this film might be a little too mature for some younger audiences.

The movies message has to do with dealing with grief in which being the death of Hiro’s brother and parents. This might of been hard to understand for some of the younger viewers.

Regardless, this is an exceptional movie and sheds a light on years to come for Disney.

The Big Hero 6, being the newest team of Disney superheroes, has a bright future ahead of themselves. If I had to rank it out of five stars I would give it a four point five. *Fist bump* “budale lelele.”

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