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From Cub to Eagle

Taylor O'Donnell

Four years ago young Dakotah Henn felt he wanted something more for himself. So, he discovered the pride and joy of becoming a scout. “It’s important to me because it shows that I can accomplish something,” said Henn. It was then he decided to become a Cub Scout and his journey began.

There are many steps to becoming an Eagle Scout, but Cub Scouts is the first. Henn became a Cub Scout in sixth grade and just last year was upgraded to the rank of Eagle Scout.

Becoming an Eagle Scout is a lot of work in itself; there is a whole process behind it. The process involves a whole lot of paperwork and one large project. Henn’s project was to help fix up the vegetable garden near Chesak and Martin.

The soil in the area was overused due to the farmland around it. Henn’s job was to create vegetable beds that were elevated off of the floor so that the vegetables could grow better. When he did this his final Eagle Scout project was complete.

Then came the ceremony. After years of hard work as a Cub Scout, Henn was promoted to the rank of Eagle Scout through the Eagle Court of Honor.

Becoming an Eagle Scout takes a lot of hard work and perseverance. “All the work is done by you,” said Henn. Each Eagle Scout achieved this rank by working hard and doing it all alone. That is one of the things that makes becoming an Eagle Scout so impressive.

Being and Eagle Scout has its perks as well. The rank looks great on a résumé and if you join the military you are moved up a rank at the start.

For Henn, the process was long and hard, yet very rewarding. He did manage to accomplish his goal of becoming an Eagle Scout. After five long years, his work as a Cub Scout was complete.

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From Cub to Eagle