HALO brings Huntley’s clubs together

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HALO brings Huntley’s clubs together

Eric Weideman

There is a new program at Huntley High School, and it is called HALO. No not the video game, HALO stands for Huntley Activity Leadership Organization.  HALO is a way for representatives from all of Huntley High School’s clubs to get together, and to help each other, as well as helping the community.

“There have been situations where clubs didn’t have enough money to go on trips,or have activities, so it’s a way to hear out the needs of the clubs,” said HALO’s student council representative Jasmine Dhillon.

The Idea for HALO came from one of Huntley’s deans, Tom Kempf, who got the idea from other schools.  Kempf proposed the idea about three years ago, and it was finally brought together this year.

“It’s the same thing as SALT, but instead of athletics, it’s activities,” said Kempf.

Every club has the chance to be represented through HALO, although not all clubs attend.  Two members of each club get together and they discuss how they can help each other’s clubs, as well as the community.

“Half of the meeting is leadership activities, the rest is discussion,” said Kempf.

More specifically, HALO has been focusing on St. Baldrick’s Foundation, a cancer research charity where people pay to get their heads shaved.  Student council has worked with St. Baldrick’s in the past years, and HALO is looking to get more people involved.

“There is so much we can do with it, and our goal is to get other clubs, and the community involved, so we can raise money,” said Dhillon.

While it is still in its infant stages, HALO seems to be doing good already, and only time will tell what HALO will do in the future.

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