“Proof” starts and ends with a bang

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“Proof” starts and ends with a bang

Tyler Lopez

The lights dimmed and the voices of the crowd fell to a murmur as the performers took to the stage. Applause filled the auditorium as the show began.

The tune of Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars’s “Uptown Funk” filled the room as girls danced in perfect sync to the upbeat melody of the song.

As the song fades, and the girls exit the stage, the number of performers dwindle to three. They engage in slow and somber movements that match the song perfectly.

As the sadness encircles the performers, they fall back into the slowly dimming stage, signalling the end of the dance.

Ed Sheeran’s “Don’t” starts up as the girls dance on the stage to the pop-infused revenge song. More dancers enter the stage and sped up from slow movements to angry gestures until the end of the catch ballad.

The auditorium is filled with the chilling piano and haunting vocals of Aqualung and Lucy Schwartz “Cold” as two dancers display the emotions of the song in front of a color changing background.

The two dancers move about the stage in almost ghost-like way. The song concludes with the two dancers breaking apart and falling back into their suspended states of solace.

The jovial sounds of the Jackson 5 fill the room as the teary eyed audience claps to the upbeat song and to impressive tap dancing the girls are performing on stage.

Another somber tune plays as two dancers engage in a very dark song. The tempo picks up, and the dancers are almost fighting to match the mood of the song.

The song dissipates and the dancers go back to their stances of loneliness and depression as described by the song and their impeccable dancing.

MC Hammer’s “Can’t Touch This” is accompanied by the dancers and HHS faculty. Laughter fills the room as all the dancers, and HHS faculty, dance to timeless piece of 90s culture.The song conclude with a the hilarity of the HHS faculty’s dancing.

The empowering sound of One Republic is  heard and inspire a spectacular array of the dancer’s most impressive moves. As the song progresses, the girls express the most powerful of feelings. The song ends as the girls return to the chairs they were dancing around. The stage fades to black.

The explosive sound of Fall Out Boy belts as the girls dance one last time to a fiery pop rock song. Their moves are frantic, but well choreographed as the encircle and explode about the stage with the utmost amount of skill.

Amidst the song, the orchesis dancers gather as the show concludes. The red curtains cover the stage, but the audience applauds with great ferocity.



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