Head of Security

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Head of Security

Haylie Larson

Five long years ago, a young man was the supervisor of a painting crew. Little did he know, a single dean believed he could be the head of security. Soon, that’s what he became.

Five days a week, Monday through Friday, from 6:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., Joel Bosman patrols the halls of Huntley High School with the other members of security.

“I work with the deans and try to make sure anything the students or staff need, I do my best to provide,” said Bosman.

Need to find a kid who ditched class? He’s your man. Need to find out about a scuffle in the west wing? He’s your man. Helping as much as possible is what he does.

Before Bosman became ruler of security at Huntley High, there were many other jobs he had, including working in white collar America for 17 years, being an insurance agent, and opening the rent-a-car place in Huntley.

Getting to where he is at wasn’t a clearly marked road. Being the head of security was a whole new arena for him.

“Training wasn’t provided, but co-workers helped as I was learning and I appreciate them stepping up for me,” said Bosman.

A high school doesn’t seem like the ideal place for an experienced hard worker to settle down on. But when the financial crisis hit, he’d just changed jobs, and soon got fired before he knew what he what had happened.

“I re-evaluated where I was, and now I get the opportunity everyday to help students,”  said Bosman.

Although working at this high school may seem exhausting, crazy events have happened more than once during his time here. Yet Bosman keeps an optimistic view on things.

“I think there are positives and negatives of every job, but the positives of this job definitely outweigh the negatives,” said Bosman.



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