Construction in Huntley square brings new changes


Construction in Town Square of Huntley, Il.

Tyler Lopez

Huntley has rapidly been growing since the early 2000s. A town that once was mainly farms and fields, has now became a home for over 24,000 people and has been the center of suburban growth in northern Illinois.

The heart of Huntley is along East Main Street,where the famous gazebo and decades old shops give Huntley the All-American town feel, but changes are being made to make room for increased traffic and more people.

To some this is great, but to others the construction is disturbing the tranquility of this small town.

Construction officially began on March 16, when 1,600 feet of sewage lines were to be repaired and new lines installed for the growing population. The construction is expected to run through the summer and is predicted to end sometime in October of 2015.

In downtown Huntley, parking for the stores has been shifted, with many being closed for the greater part of the construction. This has caused congestion in the town.

The neighborhoods in Huntley have seen numerous changes in the two months since the construction began. Cracked sidewalks were repaired, manholes renovated, water main closed and reopened and the general disturbances that come with small town construction.

The construction in the square has further elongated the already long, and congestive, traffic that snakes through the town. Parking lots have been rerouted to behind, or away from the square.

However, the aged town is finally receiving an overhaul that is guaranteed to garner more appeal to families looking for a place to raise children. It is also giving Huntley the proper passage into the new decade.

With summer quickly approaching, it is expected that the construction is to speed up due to the good weather. With that said, if the weather from now to October can maintain being good, the construction could end sooner.

All together, the construction going on in our town is to maintain the beauty and tranquility, at a price that it is disturbed for the time being. However, it is a good feeling that our elected officials care for our town and look to making our rather small town into a bigger place to call home.