Becoming Her Own Character


Courtesy of Jenna Body

Danielle Katz

The stressful auditions. The restless practices. The blinding stage lights. The adrenaline of all eyes focused on one point of the stage.

Sophomore Jenna Boyd loves every feeling that encompasses being a part of the theatre.

“I really like getting into character and pretending to be someone else,” said Boyd. “You experience what they do.”

Show after show, and it never gets old. From the start of sixth grade Boyd enjoyed being up on stage acting, singing, and dancing her heart out.

“I always liked plays and musicals when I was little,” said Boyd. “And I always liked singing. I went into it and fell in love with being on stage.”

So far, Boyd has been in eight shows and her favorite, however, is the first show she was in.

“I was in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat in sixth grade,” said Boyd.

Being in the theatre is not all fun and games all the time, however. Some parts of making a production happen are stressful and scary.

“I don’t like waiting for the cast list to come out,” said Boyd. “Auditions are scary, but waiting to see if you made it afterwards is stressful.”

A lot of people are afraid to be up in front of a crowd of people, but Boyd loves the thrill. It has taught her to be more comfortable talking in front of people. She has been able to open up more and become more confident in herself since joining theatre.

“I’ve met a lot of great people and some of my best friends,” said Boyd. “You meet people and spend so much time with them.”

Theatre has given Boyd a confidence boost that has blossomed her into the person she is today.