2017 Electives Fair


Photo courtesy of R. O'Sullivan

Tyler Lopez

With Link Crew leading freshman advisory classes into the centeral gym, the noise level began to gradually rise. Eventually, a roar filled the downstairs hall and the entire gym.

Electives such as Medical Academy, Social Studies and, World Languages were among the few electives that were present at this year’s fair.

“I like seeing all the classes together.” freshman Grace Gilmore said. “It’s great seeing them give out info on their course.”

With the Medical Academy growing both in its presence at HHS and the it’s popularity within students, it dominated the fair this year.

“There are so many people at the booth. [The Medical Academy] must be really popular.” freshman Patrick Hoffman said.

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Social Studies made it’s presence known with information abound being handed out. Many students went to their tables to learn more of the growing social studies program. “It is a course that lets you think” History teacher Erik Lachel said.

Television Production, a new class to HHS, was represented Alyssa Gilleland. “It is a new English course, and it is a great way to explore the modern world and it’s new opportunities.” said English teacher Alyssa Gilleland.

New and different classes grabbed the attention as freshman began to plot out the remaining three years of their high school careers.

Compared to years past, a vast majority of classes, both old and new, are being offered as blended which gives students a taste of college style teaching.

“It’s impressive to see so many classes blended now. It really gives students a unique experience” senior Sarah Roberts said.

Next to the Medical Academy in popularity is the growing engineering classes. Everything from workshop, small engines and 3D design was on full display, grabbing the attention of many.

HHS has grown in size and in class variety, leading students into new passions and future careers. The class diversity on display at the 2017 Electives Fair is only a showing of what next year, and years to follow, have in store for students.

With the tech industry ever booming, HHS is in perfect stride to lead numerous students on the path to the innovative tech world of today.