HHS Cheer wraps up the season at State

Emma Kubelka

On Thursday Feb. 2, Ari Mosquera joined the rest of her team on the bus that would lead the team to the IHSA State Cheer Competition.

Music blasted as Mosquera and her team mates belted the words to their favorite songs.

They were excited and ready for the competition the next day.

On Friday morning they all woke up, did their makeup, and prepared themselves for their performance.

The team pep- talked themselves, than when it was their time, they found themselves on the floor ready to compete.

Their remix played and with little mistakes the team went through the swift, crisp motions of their routine.

They were deducted only two points for stunt errors, and walked off the floor with confidence.

The minute the girls left the mats, they realized their season was over.

That was their last time performing together. The mix of girls between seniors and freshmen embraced in hugs and tears.

All they had worked for since preseason was shone during that last performance.

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“We worked really hard, it was a good season, and we left it all on the floor,” Mosquera said. “The team has come really far from the beginning of the season to state.”

The Huntley cheer team walked away with their team placed as fourteenth in the state.

“The team was still really close, and overall all of the athletes on the team are really talented, the season was still something to be proud of,” Tori Gardocki said.

Every athlete on the team has dedication and it shown through them through their entire season, but especially on the day of state.

The season new ended with healthy and fresh hearts for the sport and the same attitudes will surface again when the new season starts up in May, for tryouts.