Giordano’s vs. Lou Malnati’s: Duel of the Deep Dish

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Alex Landman

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Alex: Team Lou Malnati’s

Being a native Chicagoan, there are two things that not only I, but all Chicagoans, hold near and dear to our hearts: Portillo’s and deep dish pizza.  Absolutely nothing can compare to either of these things.  I can guarantee that when I come home from college during breaks, I will be going to one of these two places before going home to my mom and dad.  I guarantee it.

With that being said, Emma and I immediately decided that we couldn’t compare Portillo’s to anything because there is nothing on this planet that we could compare it to.  It would win every. single. time.

So, we decided to put deep dish pizza to the test.  Now, there are hundreds of deep dish pizza places in Chicago.  How could there not be?  Pizzeria Uno, Gino’s East, Georgio’s, Lou Malnati’s and Giordano’s are all of the places I remember trying.

Emma and I decided that since Lou Malnati’s and Giordano’s are closest to home, we would test them out.  Eating both of these pizzas in the same day is basically a dream come true.

Now, I have had both of these pizzas many, many, many times before.  With that being said, I can still say that Lou Malnati’s reigns supreme in my heart.  Giordano’s definitely takes second place, but never will it be first.

Emma and I got a small cheese pizza from each restaurant so that way there was enough for both of us and we weren’t tempted to eat the extra slices because as everyone knows, we would have.  Both my mom and my stomach would kill me if I ate four pieces of deep dish pizza in a day.

Lou Malnati’s deep dish cheese pizza (Courtesy of

We decided that all though there are endless amounts of topping combinations, we would stick to classic cheese.

The pizza at both places had the same appearance (as most deep dish pizzas do), but there was one thing that really separated Lou’s from Giordano’s: the crust.

Yes.  Lou Malnati’s crust was a perfect buttery crunch, whereas Giordano’s was a bit soggy due to the extreme amount of tomato sauce.  I think that both pizzas have a distinct taste that makes them unique, but I was reminded of why I love Lou Malnati’s the second I bit into that crust.

Price wise, Lou Malnati’s was $11.05 for a small cheese deep dish and Giordano’s was $16.50.  I was surprised at the significant price difference, but the fact that I would pay less money for a more delicious pizza made me happy.

Lou Malnati’s is located on Redtail Dr. in Lakewood, which is about six minutes from my house (yes, I’ve timed it).  Giordano’s is on Randall Rd. across from Target, which I couldn’t accurately time because Randall Rd. is a monster depending on when you go.  Since my family usually gets pizza for dinner, it can take 30 minutes just to get to Giordano’s instead of the six minutes to Lou’s.

Both places have the Italian pizzeria atmosphere, but Lou Malnati’s price and taste set them above the rest.  Plus, I have to mention their house salad because it is life changing.  Okay, enough gushing.  But seriously, go get yourself a Lou Malnati’s deep dish pizza next time you go out.  You will leave feeling full, but not full enough to eat the leftovers the next morning for breakfast (which yes, I have also done this too).

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Emma: Team Giordano’s 

This March, some students on the newspaper staff took a quick trip to New York for a journalism conference. They all tried New York pizza for the first time. The pictures and descriptions got pizza on our minds.

We decided to go on a hunt for Chicago’s best deep dish pizza. Lou Malnati’s and Giordano’s are commonly known around town for the most popular deep dish.

I am on the side of Giordano’s this month. Giordano’s is a smaller pizza restaurant that is the home of the best deep dish in our area.

Giordano’s deep dish cheese pizza (Courtesy of

The prices at Giordano’s average just less than $20 for a small pizza. This doesn’t necessarily feed a large amount of people, but it is totally worth it.

Despite the prices, location of the restaurant the tastes of the food are outstanding.

The crust is not too buttery, unlike Lou Malnati’s, and the sauce is not too sweet.

In fact, our very own principal, Scott Rowe, says that Giordano’s is his favorite as well.

Giordano’s is a classic, since the ’90s. It was originally created in Italy, but it is now a Chicago staple.

Giordano’s is a 10 out of 10 would recommend to anyone looking for good deep dish.

The restaurant itself reminds me of a little classic American- Italian restaurant.

It is the perfect place for a small family dinner on a Wednesday night, or a Friday night girls night out with your friends.

Deep dish pizza is the type of food that you can not easily make yourself.

In the past we have written about sandwiches, salads, and ice cream, all of those are available at the local supermarket, or you can make yourself.

Deep dish pizza on the other hand is a hit or miss food you have to get from a pizzeria.

Giordano’s is worth the price, the wait, and the trip. For a little rural town, it offers the perfect opportunity to get a real taste of Chicago.