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Injuries lead to successes for senior boys soccer starter, Raemon Savillo

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Injuries lead to successes for senior boys soccer starter, Raemon Savillo

Maggie McGee

When something consumes your life and is one day taken away from you, there’s no other feeling but pain.

In senior Raemon Savillo’s case, two types of pain. The pain of the injury itself, and the pain that comes with having to sit out of a sport that has become his life.

“It’s been an up and down battle dealing with injuries, but with it being senior year and starting again, it’s a huge relief and I’m grateful as well because something worse could’ve happened,” Savillo said.

Savillo has been playing soccer for as long as he can remember, so this up and down pattern of playing time is nothing new to him. Throughout the years he has played on many teams and for many coaches, so this shuffle from team to team or club to club has left space for that injury to sneak its way in, time after time.

Most recently, an almost torn groin and some near concussion worries really sparked that change in Savillo.

Having to deal with doctor visits and more bench time than he would like, this left Savillo in an odd spot. However, this is what caused change in not only his playing time, but in his mindset as well.

Being able to play again has been less stressful on Savillo, because when you enjoy something it is evident that it builds that sense of motivation in you.

“I feel a sense of relief honestly, it all comes down to work ethic and not giving up.”

Savillo’s motivation started early on in his high school soccer career; with his role model being a former Huntley soccer player, that bond comes from within the program.

“I’ve known Michael Zambruski since freshman year during the summer camp. He taught me a lot about how to play the high school game and how to handle different positions, as a leader and a captain,” Savillo said.

Not only has Savillo found a role model through playing soccer, he has made many friends over the years through this sport. He attributes trying out for soccer freshman year to meeting some of his best friends while playing.

However if there is anything that Savillo could take away from playing Huntley soccer for the last four years, it is that hard work has never been something that he counted out.

“Hard work and dedication will get you to where you want to be, whether that be long term or short term,” Savillo said.

This is more than evident for the defender, whose successes have come both on and off the field in many ways throughout his high school years.

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Injuries lead to successes for senior boys soccer starter, Raemon Savillo