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HHS baseball players “Get Caught Reading”

HHS baseball players “Get Caught Reading”


The Huntley boys baseball team read to students at Martin Elementary for "Get Caught Reading" week (M. Fitzgerald).

14 HHS baseball players took a field trip to Martin Elementary School on April 4 to participate in the “Get Caught Reading” program by reading to the young students.

“Get Caught Reading” is a nationwide program that originated from the Association of American Publishers. The campaign is meant to inspire kids all around the country about the importance and genuine pleasure of reading. This year’s theme is “Hit a Home Run with Reading.”

For Martin, this is an opportunity to reach out to the community while also motivating kids to read more. Because of the theme, many of the events and activities are related to baseball.

“Every year, we participate in this program at our school,” said Katie Brandt, a member of the Martin Reading Staff. “At the local-level, they encourage us to hold events at our school.”

The biggest event is when the guest readers are brought in to the third, fourth, and fifth grade classrooms. Over 100 community members were invited to participate. In accordance with this year’s theme, the baseball players were invited as well.

“[High school students] are so much closer in age to the kids, and are good role models,” said Brandt.

The baseball players spent the majority of the morning in classrooms spread out throughout Martin reading stories to the elementary students.

“[I liked] all the little kids being so excited to see me there,” said junior Colin Lyman. “It made me feel special.”

This was not the first time that Huntley’s baseball team participated in events geared towards helping the community.

“Last year, we worked with kids with special needs,” said head coach Andy Jakubowski.

Ultimately, by reading to the young students, the baseball players are helping the “Get Caught Reading” campaign reach its goal.

“Everybody loves this week,” said Brandt. “It’s a really great way to encourage reading.”

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