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Medical Academy conducts interviews for potential members

(Courtesy of the HHS Medical Academy web page.)

(Courtesy of the HHS Medical Academy web page.)


On Nov. 9, sophomores and juniors walk into HHS wearing heels, dress pants, suits, and blazers. This is clearly not the school’s regular attire, but that day the Medical Academy interviews were taking place.

In order to be accepted into the Medical Academy, students have to go through an interviewing process. This included filling out forms, dressing up, stressing out, and actually going to the interview. While some were nervous, some were completely calm about the situation.

“It’s a group interview,” sophomore Hannah Vanslembrouck said. “And apparently, no one gets turned down, so that makes me feel a lot better about it.”

To some people, getting dressed fancy up for an interview where you almost always get accepted seems unneeded, but it teaches students necessary and useful skills in order to succeed in the future, specifically if they want to pursue medicine.

Each and every applicant will eventually have to go through the interview process. The interviewing process teaches them the expected stress they will experience in the future, how to act, and how to place themselves above others. As they get older, this includes other aspects like deadlines.

“We want to adhere to the deadlines because it prepares them for future careers in medicine. You have to be organized and follow a deadline. Some students may find this stressful,” said science teacher Christina Nowak. 

Although this was an extremely stressful process for the students, because some of them have never gone to an interview, many of them felt relieved after it was over.

“Before going into my interview, I was a nervous wreck…I was freaking out!” said sophomore Claudia Kramarz. “Afterwards, I was confident that I did well. I was very happy with the way I presented myself.”

Learning these essential skills through the Medical Academy interviews will heavily benefit students in the future. And overall, this year’s interviews were a success.

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Medical Academy conducts interviews for potential members