Winning wardrobe staples

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Winning wardrobe staples

Jenna Link

She walks into her closet, scanning the shelves for the correct item. She is looking for a cardigan to pair with her new top that she bought on sale. Maybe, she will wear a jean jacket or a nice hoodie instead; those are in style. Then she picks out her pants, making sure she feels good in what she is wearing.

For many students, staple pieces dominate their closets as the item they wear the most. It all depends on the person and their preferences.

“A good pair of jeans is a staple in my closet,” senior Lizzy White said. “They need to be comfortable when I wear them.”

Staples are essential items that one should have in their closet. For example, a little black dress is known as the number one piece to have in a wardrobe.  But the staple can depend on the personality of the individual.

While staples differ from person to person, one thing stays the same. If you want to invest in a piece, pick one or two items to spend your money on.

“I love my Vineyard Vines shirts,” sophomore Zander Leitzke said. “They’re comfortable and you can wear them with anything. I can wear them going out to the bar with some ladies.”

Whatever you choose as your piece, pick something you love or something that makes you feel good about yourself. It is all about feeling confident in your skin.

Personally, an item I think everyone should have in their closets is a pair of dress boots to wear with more formal outfits and a pair of black pants that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. For young men, a quality brown or black belt is a must for more professional settings.

Even personal items can become staples.

“For me, my staple is my accessories,” senior Jeremiah Deleon said. “I have my headphones and shoes that I invest in.”

It is all about creating a look that you can own, no matter what that means to you. Dress your look up or down, and just have fun with your style.

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