The Black Panther Controversy

Emma Kubelka

Written by Riy Walker

As most of you should know the new marvel movie Black Panther has topped the charts in sales since its premiere In February.

In my opinion the Black Panther movie has a lot to say and that they speaks levels to certain topics and stereotypes.

Something very interesting to me about the movie is, it was written and directed by 31 year old African American man named Ryan Coogler, this speaks volumes.

To me it is just another step in the right direction, but the press always has something to say.

As some of you may have seen in the news; the question of whether

or not white children should be able to wear the black panther costume has arose and what should the answer be?

In my opinion it really should not matter what race or what background that they come from.

Although other people may view it as black little girls and boys had to wait forever for a Black or Brown princess and superhero. Even with this being true, black little boys use to dress up as spiderman and superman.

When they did it, they were seen as normal little boys not as trying to steal culture. So, in my opinion the white little boys and girls who want to be characters from the new film Black Panther should be allowed to without being judged by adults and even other children.

But, I can also see where the attitude and some of the reasoning comes from with the movie and why there is a controversy on whether or not all children of all races should be able to wear these costumes.

I say this because, It almost took forever for there to be a black superhero and for a movie with mostly all black main characters to even top charts and some people feel like after all this time, black people deserve to have something just for them.

I do not totally disagree with this but, just think the world will never change if we are constantly creating unnecessary drama like this.

As a country and as people we need to be able to stand strong and together in order to ensure a better future.

So yes, even though black panther and killmonger are some of the first Black Superheroes and leading villain roles all children of all ages, race, and ethnic backgrounds should be able to choose their role models and who they want to be on halloween.