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“Starry Eyes”

Photo taken by Dani Rhody

Photo taken by Dani Rhody

Photo taken by Dani Rhody


“Starry Eyes” by Jenn Bennett is about Zorie, a girl who needs to have everything planned. She has blueprints for her day, her summer, and her life, and she hates when someone or something causes her to change her plans.

Zorie’s plan for the summer before her senior year of high school has three parts. Part one is to work at her parents’ business. Part two is to take photos of the upcoming meteor shower, because she absolutely loves astronomy. Part three is to avoid her former best friend Lennon, at all costs. Zorie and Lennon had been best friends until junior year Homecoming.

One of Zorie’s friends invites her on a spontaneous glamping trip in a nearby national park. Even though it is not part of her blueprint of the summer, Zorie decides to go on the trip. The day of her trip, she finds out that it is not an all-girl glamping trip like she had been originally told. There were three guys coming on the trip as well, which includes Lennon.

On the trip, things go from bad to worse. Zorie and Lennon quickly end up being deserted by the other members after a huge fight between two of the campers. They both eventually have to put aside their differences to try and get out of the forest.

“Starry Eyes” is a quick read. It starts off slow, but eventually builds into a very interesting story.

Both of the main characters are very well developed. Zorie has a lot of family problems that arise at the beginning of the story, and they are a big factor in some of her decisions throughout the book. Lennon is a very complicated character who was easy to form an attachment to.

Overall, I thought the novel was great. The plot was well developed, and the characters seemed like real people.

I would recommend this novel to fans of Bennett, as well as fans of realistic fiction novels that have a lot of romance.

“Starry Eyes” is a realistic fiction novel which came out April 3. Bennett has written several other novels, such as “Alex, Approximately” (April 4, 2017) and “The Anatomical Shape of a Heart” (Nov. 3, 2015).

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“Starry Eyes”