Red Raiders Lose to McHenry Warriors

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Red Raiders Lose to McHenry Warriors

Danielle Rhody

The Red Raiders varsity boys soccer team lost to the McHenry Warriors in overtime on Tuesday night 1-2. The team went into last night’s game with a seasonal score of 1-6.

Going into this game, the team knew they had just finished the Pepsi Showdown 1-0-3.

“We made some adjustments over the weekend that I think will help us start scoring some goals,” Coach Grabner said. “I’m looking forward to tonight’s game. I think it will be a good one for us.”

The first half started out slow for the Raiders. McHenry had possession most of the half.

Senior goalkeeper Lucas Clemetsen had some amazing saves; there were also great defensive plays made by junior Raphael Wong and senior Noah Michael.

Later in the half, the Raiders started to gain some energy. The offense had some great shots on goal by junior Logan Conary, senior Joshua Lopez, and captain Brandon Ruffner, but none of them got Huntley on the board.

Huntley started off the second half with intensity. Ruffner had three shots on goal in the first 10 minutes, one of them resulting in a goal. McHenry answered 12 minutes later with a goal of their own.

Clemetsen kept the Warriors from getting another tally with fantastic saves.

By the end of the second half, the score was tied 1-1, so the game went into overtime.

In the first overtime, the game remained tied because of some excellent saves by Clemetsen. The Red Raiders had one shot on goal by junior Josh Guyer.

McHenry quickly scored a goal one minute into the second overtime.

The Raiders gave it their all for the entire game, but they came up short.

Looking back at the game, Ruffner had some thoughts on the results.

“We practiced strong,” Ruffner said. “We just came up short.”

Michael also had some thoughts on the game’s outcome.

“I think we really brought the intensity and the work ethic; the things that can’t be taught,” Michael said. “Second half we started out with a lot of energy. We had the momentum. We definitely need to start the game like that too. It would have helped a lot; keeping that kind of energy all throughout.”

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