New club Model United Nations brings international events to the classroom


Mady Borst

Model United Nations is a new club at Huntley High School for the 2018-19 school year, and it provides students with global awareness, life-long skills, and memorable experiences.


Todd Swartzloff, who teaches AP US History, AP US History Blended, and Current Issues, is the sponsor for Model UN.


Swartzloff coordinates events between students in the club and the administration, like helping set up transportation for trips that students wish to go on.


He is glad that students in Model UN are able to talk about real world issues, do valuable research on different nations, and debate with each other.


“You don’t get to do a lot of this in high school,” he said.


Swartzloff puts the leadership of Model UN in the hands of the students.


Senior Samia Desai is Model UN President, and she is learning valuable leadership skills.


“I create meeting presentations, coordinate everyone else’s assignments, and manage everything that goes on,” she said.


The most challenging part for Desai was organizing a school club from scratch, but she is grateful to have had the opportunity to bring Model UN to life.


“It’s really helpful to know what’s going on in the world, because it matters,” she said.


All members of Model UN are gaining a wide variety of skills that can be applied to everyday life.


Senior Meghan Kelly, who is the conference director, organizes what events the students will attend.


Apart from gaining leadership skills and practicing responsibility, Kelly has also learned how to better identify the reliability of sources when doing research.


“You learn about what’s a good source, and what’s a bad source,” she said.


Vice President, senior Harini Marchadi, is able to expand her interest in history and politics by being apart of the club, while becoming a better debater, public speaker, and writer.


“You ease into debating, speaking, and writing without even realizing it,” she said.


Senior Natalie Bizon is secretary of Model UN, and she looks forward to improving her public speaking skills, as well as learning about world issues and relations.


“I want to be more globally aware,” Bizon said.


The members of Model UN urge others to join because there are many benefits, like learning the language of United Nations, all while having fun and making friends.


The club will be attending the 19th Annual Model United Nations Conference for high school students, hosted by Carthage College, on Nov. 2.