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“Riverdale” brings chills and thrills in Season Three

Madeline Borst

The teen drama series “Riverdale” is back for its third season, and the dark town of Riverdale has secrets that are yet to be exposed.

Based on the “Archie Comics,” the show features best friends Archie Andrews, Betty Cooper, Veronica Lodge, and Jughead Jones, who are continuously stuck in the midst of crime and terror in the small town of Riverdale.

The second season focused mostly on the Black Hood, who was murdering citizens of Riverdale who he had deemed to be sinners.

It was revealed that Betty’s father, Hal Cooper, was the Black Hood.

Season two also came to an end with the Southside Serpents being eliminated, Veronica and her own father becoming rivals, and Archie being wrongfully convicted for murder.

Season three picks up on the summer following these events, with everyone anxious about Archie’s fate.

As I began watching the first episode of season three, I wondered how there could possibly be any more intriguing, mysterious events occuring in Riverdale. I did not believe that season three could live up to season two, which was jam packed with murder, corruption, and secrecy.

After watching the first few episodes of the new season, I realized that I was completely wrong.

Riverdale, which was once viewed as a friendly, innocent town, still has darkness that will be brought to light in season three.

What I find most interesting is the discovery of “Gryphons and Gargoyles,” a plaguing game that has returned to Riverdale, after not being played since the 1990s.

“Gryphons and Gargoyles” seems to be responsible for the unusual actions of those involved with the game. Peers of Jughead and Betty are ending their lives and making themselves susceptible to other dangers for the “Gargoyle King.”

“Riverdale” continues to excel at making the audience curious following every episode’s events. Each episode leaves off with a cliff-hanger, and this makes me eager to tune into the next week’s episode.

I also appreciate the show’s balance among characters. Though Archie, Betty, Veronica, and Jughead are the main characters, the show extensively develops its supporting characters.

Season three introduces more immoral and mysterious characters to Riverdale, which captivates me, because I wonder what these people are going to contributing to the town.

One aspect of the show that throws me off is how most episodes include the characters singing. In one scene, someone dies, and the next scene, I feel like I am watching “High School Musical.”

The musical performances just do not match the overall sinister atmosphere of the show. They are usually unnecessary and leave viewers cringing.

Apart from that, season three has an abundance of mystery and drama in store. Fans of the show are filled with excitement for the fourth episode of season three, which airs Nov. 7.

This episode will be a throwback to Riverdale in 1992, featuring the character’s parents when they were younger.

Though it has its flaws, “Riverdale” is the compelling high school thriller that most teenagers enjoy binge-watching on Netflix.

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“Riverdale” brings chills and thrills in Season Three