Course Selection Night for Class of 2023

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Course Selection Night for Class of 2023

Skylar Sharkey

Huntley High School’s Class of 2023 has the opportunity to attend three Course Selection Nights at HHS, running from Jan. 22-24. These information nights run from 6:30-8:30 p.m. in the Performing Arts Center as well as the Field House, and it is suggested that student attend one of the meeting corresponding to their last name. For example, last names A-I were instructed to go Tuesday night, last names J-R Wednesday night, and so on. The A-I session was canceled due to severe weather and students were instructed to go to one of the other two meetings.

Immediately after walking in to the PAC attendees can see that this meeting is a success – the crowd is extensive and every seat is full. The Wednesday night meeting was so full that overflow was forced to watch the presentation via projector.  

The meeting mainly consists of a PowerPoint presentation put on by HHS counselors that describes the course selection process in detail.

If there are any questions that parents or students need addressed before the eighth graders choose their schedules, this presentation answers the majority. The presentation describes in detail course requirements, graduation credits, and elective/academy options.

The counselors that go through the presentation are entirely prepared to address any concerns families may have about their children’s high school education.

Social Studies teacher Brad Aney believes that Course Selection Night allows incoming freshmen to become aware of all of the opportunities available to them.

“This event is perfect for the opportunity to realize the amount of electives we have here at Huntley High school,” Aney said. “It’s really an opportunity for kids to interact, not only with the staff they’re going to see but to also see what offers there are even for freshmen coming in.”

Along with Aney, Foods teacher Jennifer Brittany Cieplinski believes that Course Selection Night offers a unique advantage when it comes to picking classes.

“I think that it just gives them an opportunity to look at all the different options they have,” Cieplinski said. “They have many different electives, many different classes they can get into. It’s nice for them to not just hear what they’re siblings have said to pick and to choose for themselves.”

High school is all about trying new things: Class of 2023, take advantage of your opportunities and check out the final Course Selection Night today, 6:30 p.m. in the PAC!

“Be open to trying new things. High school is all about new experiences and sometimes in middle school people kind of stay in their comfort zone so use high school as an opportunity,” Aney said.

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