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“The Prodigy” is just another movie about a scary kid

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“The Prodigy” is just another movie about a scary kid

Madison Barr

Another scary kid movie just hit theaters this past Thursday, Feb. 7 and “The Prodigy” tells the spooky story of an 8-year-old Miles.

Fans of Netflix’s “Orange is the New Black” will recognize Taylor Schilling gracing their screen as Sarah, an expecting mother, as well as her husband, John (Peter Mooney). Soon enough, their son Miles (Jackson Robert Scott) is born and at just as young as two years old, displays some concerning and even disturbing behavior.

As a young child, Miles seems to exude some “baby Einstein” level of intelligence, but as time goes on, it’s clear that his intelligence came with a cost.

Jackson Robert Scott is a fantastic actor who I’d expect to appear in more horror films after playing Georgie in “It” and now Miles in “The Prodigy.”

Similarly, I believe Taylor Schilling did an amazing job portraying Sarah, especially in regard to the fact that this is the first horror movie she has been a part of.

And although the acting was, I believe, phenomenal, the plot fell short.

Characters explicitly told the audience what was going to happen next even if it was all ready clear to viewers.

Not to mention that the characters would occasionally contradict what they had earlier said just to wind up getting themselves in more trouble later on.

Most of the film felt relatively predictable, with the exception of a handful of scenes.

Looking back, I definitely expected more from the film. But going into the theater, I expected it to be a lot worse, so some kudos is deserved there.

So, if you are out there looking for a movie to see on a chilly night, “The Prodigy” is a fun time. But, there are definitely some better films out alongside it.

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“The Prodigy” is just another movie about a scary kid