Netflix’s “The Umbrella Academy” is an odd but moving watch


Jordyn Grist

Netflix’s new hit “The Umbrella Academy” is an emotional rollercoaster for every viewer.

“The Umbrella Academy” focuses in on a family of 10 dysfunctional characters, one of whom is dead when the series starts.

The Hargreeves are not even close to a typical family: children with super powers, a monkey butler, a robot mother, and a strict, rich father.

It starts abruptly when all seven children are born on the same day to different mothers who were not pregnant in the first place. Wealthy Reginald Hargreeves, who is fascinated by this phenomenon, tracks down these unexpected mothers and adopts the children from them.

Hargreeves takes the children back to his mansion and researches them and their mysterious powers. Grace, their mother, raises the children while Reginald focuses mainly on studying the children.

Reginald originally wasn’t going to name any of the children, and simply referred to them as numbers one through seven. Grace was the one who gave them their real names they now bear.

Each child has a power, with the exception of “number seven,” whose name is Vanya.

Luther, “number one,” who has super strength. Deigo, “number two,” who is able to throw items with precise accuracy, even throwing in curves. Allison, “number three,” who has a power to control minds with the phrase “rumor has it.” Klaus, “number four,” who is able to see and talk to the dead. Five, who was never named due to his strange disappearance, is able to pass through time and practically teleport. Ben, deceased, “number six,” had the power to summon monsters out of his body.

The show centers in on the forthcoming apocalypse that Five returns to warn the others about. They have just eight days to save the world, and their only clue is a prosthetic eyeball.

“The Umbrella Academy” connects the audience to the characters marvelously. While watching, I would constantly laugh then feel angry or sad. I genuinely cared for the characters and wished to see them succeed — something only a great show can make people feel.

If you are bored and happen to be surfing through the abundance of Netflix shows one day, give “The Umbrella Academy” a shot. You won’t regret it.