Wiggle Wonders: Goliath Tarantula


Smithsonian National Zoo

Veronica Castillo

Ever looked at an animal and thought it had eight too many legs? Now think of that same animal but the size of your face, that’s exactly what the Goliath Bird Eating Tarantula is.

 As the name suggests, it eats plenty of birds and other organisms that are close to its size and it wouldn’t surprise me if it started to nibble on your toes if it got too hungry.

 These animals are usually brown to black and have the spider legs that go up first then out, they look an awful lot like Aragog from Harry Potter. Some spiders have legs that go straight out and they move like an animated cartoon, but this fella has a little more pizazz, with legs like bendy straws they can run much faster at you and give you a heart attack. 

Like most other spiders, this scary fussball uses the hairs on its legs to be able to sense and move around. When they brush their leg hairs together, they can make a chilling noise, similar to when a rattle snakes shakes about before killing something, lucky for us, the Goliath Tarantula isn’t big enough to eat a human.

 As much as I fear spiders, they are quite docile creatures, especially tarantulas. The term gentle giant definitely comes to play with the Goliath Bird Eating Tarantula, the only moment they would ever become dangerous is if they were threatened or were hunting for a snack. Anyone can relate to getting a little hangry.

 As a pet, the Goliath Bird Eating Tarantula would make a unique companion, sure to make your friends squirm, but this facilitating organism would provide much more entertainment than any cat could ever give.

 While it is legal to purchase one, it’s important to make sure you can take on the responsibility of a mighty beast and they need to be loved just like a cat or dog. 

Other popular spiders for entomology lovers include the wolf spider, a smaller, speedy spider that will crawl its way into your heart or you could go for a tiny jumping spider, their eyes resemble that of a puppy and their little hops will make your heart skip a beat. 

Whether you love or hate spiders, it’s hard to argue that a giant furry, eight legged baby wouldn’t give you a pretty good idea of just how amazing animals can be.