Boys soccer gains momentum from beating Cary Grove

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Boys soccer gains momentum from beating Cary Grove

Kimberlynn Bjurstrom

It was a crisp fall morning, the leaves just beginning to change color as the boys varsity soccer players’ cleats marched across the turf. The stands filled with cold parents, the field filled with high schoolers warming up and the air filled with a sense of competition. Huntley was determined to win against Cary Grove, and win they did. 

The National Anthem rang through the stadium, and then the game began. There were many excellent attempts on their goal in the first half by Huntley midfielder Skyler Briarton, midfielder Sam Bellantuono, and midfielder and team captain Austin Killen; however, no goals were scored.

There were also many excellent saves by goalkeeper Ethan Kornas, who did not let the ball get past him the entire game.

It got intense as Killen got an attempt after a foul. The ball arced directly between the Cary Grove wall and right to Bellantuono. The ball was kicked, but a close save by the Cary goalkeeper kept the score at 0-0 for the end of the first half.

“Sam Bellantuono, Ethan Kornas our goal keeper, Austin Killen, and then Thomas Rodrigeuz [played very well],” coach Matthew Lewandowski said. 

The second half, Huntley put their game faces on. Our offensive team almost scored multiple times, one instance where all but three of our players were right up on the goal, and another where the Cary Grove goalkeeper dropped the ball with midfielder Dylan Mielke right there to score. 

Yet, no goals were made until midfielder Thomas Rodriguez took the ball and ran with it. A play was made and he was passed the ball with only one defender on him. It was a defender he quickly lost in order for him to score the only goal of the entire game. 

Pride emanated from the entire Huntley team, ecstatic and motivated with their lead and only 12 minutes left. 

“All of the kids on the team are really close, we all have a pretty good time on the field together,” Killen said.

The rest of the game, Cary Grove was trying and failing to play catch up while Huntley was easily outmaneuvering them. The game ended with a win for Huntley 1-0.

Huntley’s varsity boys soccer team now has high hopes for the rest of their season.

“We lost a couple tough ones leading up to this, so this puts us back on track. [We have three] conference games left and having a little momentum going into them is going to be great,” Lewandowski said.

Things are looking very good for the ending of our boys varsity soccer season, and this game will provide the extra motivation they need to dominate.

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