Boys soccer is lead to victory in their regional game against larkin high school


D. Lauer

Drew Lauer

As Senior Sam Bellantuono rushes across the field, keeping the ball close, the stands exploded with cheers. Control of the ball seems natural for Sam as he dribbles up to the Larkin goalie box and swiftly kicks it into the back of the net. 

This game against Larkin set the boys back in the running for their regional goals. Their first Illinois High School Association regional game of the season ended in a heartbreaking Huntley defeat. But watching the boys come back and have such high energy against LHS gives them a much-needed confidence boost. 

Despite Larkin having control over the ball a majority of the time, Huntley’s defense stayed strong and persistent. Huntley had many great offensive charges as well as a large number of defensive plays and saves.  

Sophomore Ethan Kornas, the goalie of the Huntley team, was fast to react and stop shots on goal made by the opposing team. 

“This season we wanted to make a difference tonight when it really mattered,” Kornas said. 

Going into this game the day after a loss was without a doubt tough, but the athletes of the boys soccer team worked together to overcome Larkin and move on to their chance at the third seed team in the Dekalb Sectional conference.

“We need to be a little tighter on restarts, that’s kind of been our issue all year,” coach Matthew Lewandowski said. “We also need to finish our opportunities as we get them.”

The maintaining of momentum throughout throw-ins, corner kicks, and other restarts would help the team increase their efficiency on the field. 

Despite the cold and rainy weather, the boys stayed together and worked closely with one another to overcome their first step into the IHSA regionals. The team had incredible communication, the fantastic team plays as well as some great individual plays that showed their close team bond. Anticipation for Friday’s game is high among players and spectators alike, let’s see how they do against South Elgin on Oct. 25.