Bad Boys for Life: Movie Review


Courtesy of Bad Boys Twitter

Riyana Walker

As many of you may know actors Martin Lawrence and Will Smith have been acting together side by side in the huge Hollywood movie series “Bad Boys”. With the very first movie hitting the scene in 1995, about 25 years ago and doing so well, the guys decided to keep it going. 

This action filled series would finally have a sequel, which was released in 2003 and that was exactly what the fans had hoped for. In these films Smith and Lawrence play hardcore detective with major jobs and cases that they have to work. All while having serious jobs, comedy and reality are still very relatable throughout the film. 

Fast forward 17 years the guys are back and better than ever in their third film “Bad Boys for Life”. In this film the now old fashioned cops are told to team up and take down Armando Armas the leader of the Miami drug cartel. 

Smith and Lawrence give full effort in every scene, to let the audience know that they value the movie and to show that they still got it. This film keeps you on your toes. It is exciting, surprising and humorous. 

Throughout the series Mike Lowery aka Will Smith is being told to get his act together all while Marcus Burnett aka Martin Lawrence, is the upstanding family man with so much to live for. The focus is on the willingness of Smiths’ character to change into a better man. He is faced with adversity and there are a few situations in which his characters integrity and morals will be tested. 

This has been deemed the best movie of the entire sequel. There is action, adversity, comedy and adventure. What more is there to be asked for, the performance, the scenery and the life-like situations are spot on. This film is a 10/10! Be sure to go check it out, the plot behind that is what will he do, is he going to rise above or fall victim. What will happen?