The Cars’ “Sad Song”

The Cars'

Joe Cristo

“Too many eyes looking for hope” squelches Ric Ocasek. For a band like The Cars, this is a huge understatement. You have undoubtedly heard at least a few of the band’s catchy ’80s hits. Think “Just What I Needed.” Think “Best Friends Girl.” Think quintessential New-Wave sound.

Sad is not the word I would use to describe The Cars’ new single. Catchy, yes. Maybe funky. But sad is a far cry from emotions you feel when listening. No, a more appropriate feeling would be relief. After a 24 year hiatus, “Move Like This” would be their new comeback, all led by this new “Sad Song.”

And this song sounds like a stripped down version of yesteryears. Between the more subtle synthesizer lines and a cruising drum track that takes the forefront, a more stripped down sound is perfectly okay. The jangly feel of the guitar intonation sounds reminiscent of Duran Duran, all the while benefiting from a different take on their already well established spot as “Kings of ’80s Rock.”

The refrain “Just a sad song/That pulls you along” sums up The Car’s perfectly: not only are they a senior band that was hugely important and influential 24 years ago, but their new sound will pull you in like a vortex, showing you how relevant their music can be even today.

Listen to it here: