Fishing Club plan for upcoming Spring season, open to new members

Benjamin Bertelsman has led the Fishing Club for the past two years (T. Helm).

It is at 2:30 on a Thursday afternoon as many students hustle to their lockers to gather their belongings and head home.

But for members of HHS’s Fishing Team and Club, this is the time where fishermen can gather together at room 110 and tell stories of how they caught enormous fish or found a new hotspot to catch fish.

This is how the club has been run in its four-year lifetime. Spanish teacher Jack Towne headed the club in its first year. But then he left it to Benjamin Bertelsman to run it solo for the next two years. Now in its fourth year, Bertelsman and math teacher Brian Thornley run the show as co-coaches.

The club has showed more numbers each year, along with returning veterans such as senior Jack Hoialmen, who has been in the club all four years.

“The club has been great,” said Hoialmen. “Everyone gets along with each other and it’s a real fun time.”

He and about ten other members make it to these weekly meetings, that start early in the fall. The team itself includes about twenty members, but because of commitments, numbers at meetings are sometimes cut short.

“We have baseball players in the spring and some other kids who just cant make it to the meetings sometimes,” said Bertelsman.

But regulars like new freshman Ricky Raclawski and second year sophomore Mark Caridei show up to the meetings, getting new information about fishing spots, fishing techniques, and hearing others new stories each week.

“The club is really good if you enjoy fishing and just being in the outdoors,” said Caridei.

The meetings themselves are mostly about new techniques, fishing stories, and the new hotspots. But they are also for running over the agenda for rest of the spring

“We have these meetings to organize trips, discuss, run over procedures and talk about fundraising,” said Bertelsman.

Organizing trips is a big part. With tough access to boats, the club is forced to stay around the area.

“We find local areas where we can fish from the shore,” said Thornley.

Areas like the pond behind Sunset Park and Deicke Park are common spots for the club to take their small trips.

But on April 20, the team will compete in sectionals at theFox Channel Lakes, which most of the team is looking forward to.

“We definitely cannot wait for the tournament to come up,” said Hoialmen.

The club continues its Thursday morning meetings and will through the month of April. If interested please stop by at Room 110 where Bertelsman will tell you more of the fishing club.



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