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Senior Surveys Due Next Week

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Senior Surveys Due Next Week

Dear Seniors: Graduation is approaching quickly!! It is time for us to collect all of your favorite
memories. Take some time to think about them and return this survey to Mr. Brown (rm. 224), Tyler
Davis, Marissa Palczynski or Randi Peterson by FRIDAY, MAY 4. We need them back ASAP so please fill them out
now. Your answers to these questions will be appearing in the SENIOR ISSUE of THE VOICE. We
reserve the right to edit certain responses. We will be editing out any obscene, profane or indecent
language or any other inappropriate references, so KEEP IT CLEAN!! Also, please print or type
LEGIBLY or your response will not be put in. Put your name on EVERY SINGLE PAGE! Thank you!

Click to download Senior Survey (.pdf)

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Senior Surveys Due Next Week