Robin Gibb dies at 42

Robin Gibb dies at 42

Joe Cristo

Robin Gibb, singer-songwriter for the Bee Gees, died May 20.

Gibb, one of the three Gibb brothers who reigned supreme during the seventies and eighties with 13 charting singles, was the principal singer for the band.

What started as a musical project in the Isle of Man, became a world charting group in Australia, which in turn became one of the most successful acts ever, behind only the Beatles and Elvis Presley.

Gibb died of colorectal cancer that he had been grappling with for years. The death came as no suprise to the family of Gibb or fans.

Still, the family is mourning.

The Bee Gee’s hit single, “How Deep is Your Love,” will be played at his funeral, at his request.

Robin Gibb is the second of the Gibb brothers to pass away, leaving Barry Gibb the only remaining Bee Gee.