GSA year comes to a close

GSA year comes to a close

Joe Cristo


The Zielinskis discuss DGA with a student

GSA, the Gay-Straight Alliance Club, is coming to a close with the end of the school year.

“We usually take a break over the summer,” said senior and President Jazmine Chartrand. “But this year it will be a little different.”

The Coffee House, a typical fixture from the GSA club in which musicians play at Huntley High School, did not materialize this year.

“We wanted to do the Coffee House so bad this year,” said Chartrand. “But when it came down to it, forms that needed to get filled out never got done.”

As GSA heads into the summer they plan on making huge changes.

First, they are going to do some fundraising over the summer, the first in a long time.

“We were thinking maybe a bake sale at Sunset Fest,” said Chartrand. “The funds will help during the year.”

Second, there will be a new president next year since Chartrand is graduating: Vice president Tiare Gutierrez will take the reins.

And finally, there will be a new, yet to be decided, sponsor of GSA, next year.

“Hopefully next year we will have more funding for the Coffee Houses next year,” said Chartrand. “Still, we had a pretty good year.”