Locking in the Vote


Volunteers are discussing plans for the upcoming mock election at Huntley High School (J.Cristo).

Joe Cristo

“We don’t want the tradition of ‘I don’t care,’” said Renee Fowler, teacher. “We want the tradition of ‘I’m gonna be involved.”

On Oct. 31, Nov. 1 and Nov. 2 Huntley High School will be hosting its very first mock election. With the presidential election on the horizon, Fowler aims to fire up students for the Nov. 5 voting deadline.

“I think if we start them when they are freshman,” said Fowler. “They will care more.”
Fowler knows that not all students are going to care as much about the democratic process as she believes they should.

“I would like them to take it serious,” said Fowler. “But I think that our purpose is to educate them, and this will help.”

Fowler has enlisted the help of volunteers in every grade to help run the election booths and to educate voters.

“This is a primarily student run event,” said Fowler.

And students feel like it has a real purpose as well.

“It’s preparing the future voters to do better,” said Alissa Gorney. “To know what they are doing.”

The students will decorate the back of the library and set up booths in order to help to get students to vote.

“We can’t help that some people are not going to vote,” said Fowler.

The ballot will include every part of the presidential ballot that eligible voters will be receiving. It will have presidential hopefuls, senate seats, and there will be a section on “issues.”

“We are going to have an issue section because we want to know what kids have to say,” said Fowler.

Fowler understands that many students feel that their voices are not being heard.

“This won’t sway any real election,” said Michelle Eikeland. “But it will let kids know that they are being heard and that their opinions matter.”

Fowler’s goal is to beat the national voter turnout rate with the amount of students by utilizing alternative voting methods as well.

“Our goal is to get people to vote so they can learn,” said Fowler. “And as long as they show they care, I care.”