9 Pin No Tap Bowling Tournament


Bowling balls hit the floor. Pins clunk and scatter. Congratulatory cheers fill the bowling center. This is nine pin bowling, and at Glo-Bowl Fun Center’s third annual “9 Pin No Tap Tournament”, the stakes are high.

With a maximum cash reward of $1000 (based on 160 entries per division), the bowlers focus all of their concentration on the chance to win it all. “Nine Pin Bowling” refers to a new rule in which knocking down nine out of the ten pins will earn the bowler a strike, in addition to the usual ten-pin strike regulation.

Players have to bring their ‘A Game’ because the bowlers in this tournament are only USBC (United States Bowling Congress) members. The tournament consists of additions that differentiate it from regular bowling.

For example, a blue headpin can randomly appear at the end of the alley at any given moment. If knocked over, the bowler responsible gets a prize from the administrators.

“[Nine pin no tap bowling] is a good way to have people come in and have a good time. We had about 120 people for the first year and we’ve been doing it ever since,” said Elgin Hall of Fame affiliate and no-tap administrator, Gerry Mason.

Mason presents his shirt upon the Wall of Fame at Marengo’s Glo-Bowl Fun Center. In his past bowling career, he was sponsored by the famous Dick Weber.

Shirts of both Dick Weber and his son, Pete Weber, hang proudly on the wall next to the endless array of bowling alleys, overlooking all of the bowlers. Many bowlers come and go as they please, but the fun of “9 Pin No Tap Bowling Tournament” is one thing that will never disappear. It is hoped to return in time for next years holiday season.


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