A Bottomless Backpack


The unmistakable noise of a metal spoon scooping cereal out of a ceramic bowl is heard by all those surrounding him.

Silence fills the room. Eyes wander toward the source of the sound. The one responsible looks up.


His confused eyes reveal that this is nothing strange to him. For junior Thomas Walsh, this is a regular daily event.

His love for cereal and many other foods entitles him to consume what he wants at the time in which he desires to.

“I kept running out of time to eat breakfast before school so I brought breakfast with me,” said Thomas Walsh.

Walsh is known for bringing food items that are regarded as too large or too inconvenient to school. Such foods include, but are not limited to; boxes of cereal, salsa, tortilla chips, marshmallows, and pretzel rolls.

With such a substantial amount of food, Thomas cannot help but share his supply with his hungry friends. This is especially appreciated during the long and drab wait for the first bell to ring. It also makes Late Start Wednesdays that much more enjoyable.

With Christmas season around the corner, Walsh intends to confound his friends with large assortments and quantities of Christmas-themed edibles.

Eating is a necessity, and with breakfast being the most important meal and the most missed meal of the day, not getting it can make the 8-hour school day seem quite prolonged. Thankfully, Walsh’s multitude of refreshments and nourishments keeps himself and others focused and energized for school.

Thomas Walsh has become known by many fellow students for surprising others with his ability to pull large varieties of food and drink from his black, bottomless backpack.

With amazement, confusion, and astonishment, HHS students look upon Thomas Walsh as a savior from their dire, teenage famine.


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