Advice from a Secret Senior

I might not be a licensed professional, but I definitely know a few things about high school; being here for four years and taking in everything you see does that to you over time.

I remember going into my senior year I was stuck on what classes I wanted to take. So I sat at my computer screen for hours scrolling through the Course Catalog. Now I like to consider myself an expert on most of the classes here at HHS, but that is probably just me.   

I’m a little bit of a teacher’s pet, but that’s just because I want to get on their good side. It’s better to be on their good side and know things than sit in the back of the room clueless.

I also sneak my way around these sports at HHS. I walk the track during football games and stand on the gym floor during wrestling meets.

I am never behind the scenes, I’m involved in the action. The thing is: nobody notices me.

In my case, that is not a bad thing. I like to surprise people with my knowledge on our school.

Now, getting to my point. I am here for advice on Huntley High School. Not the people, not the teachers, and not the administration.

You need advice on classes?

Great, I got it.

You want to know what goes on at baseball tryouts to see if you have what it takes?

I’m your person.

If you want to know why your boyfriend broke up with you, I would probably go talk to your counselor because I am no professional.

This is just advice on how to be a better student here at HHS, that is what I’m here for.

If you need advice submit a comment below or write in to

Let us keep my identity a secret, I think it is more fun that way.

Call me,

Secret Senior.

**disclaimer: Advice from this column is from a high school student, not a licensed professional. Everything written in will be read before it is answered and posted, and all content must be school appropriate in order to be published on All advice is subjective.