Album Review: Dan Mangan + Blacksmith – Club Meds

Dan Mangan + Blacksmith's new album, "Club Meds" (Photo courtesy of

Dan Mangan + Blacksmith join to create the album “Club Meds”. Mangan, a Canadian singer and a two time JUNO Award Winning musician released his seventh album January 13.

The album begins with a calming tune in “Offred” as it is slowly synced with the instrumentals and vocals of Mangan + Blacksmith.

Then turns to a more upbeat part of the album with “Vessel” and “Mouthpiece.” My personal favorite, “Mouthpiece,” touched me in a way no other song on the album did. It had me thinking about all different parts of my life with an upbeat sound to it.

Afterwards, it takes a calmer point of view with “A Doll’s House / Pavlovia” inspired by Gord Bamford, who played the original ¬†guitar lead in his own version of the song.

The album then continues with odd and exciting tastes of beats with “Kitsch,””XVI,” and “War Spoils.” These songs bring you into a deeper state of mind, really connecting yourself and helping you think outside of your comfort zone.

After some good thought, the album picks up the beat for another exciting and calming twist, bringing your mood back to life and uplifted from the deep thinking. However, it brings positive consciousness of yourself.

The album then continues softly with “Club Meds” and “Pretty Good Joke.” “Club Meds” explains Mangans experience as a young adult while working at a summer camp. He could see how the kids just wanted to be loved, he knew they were loved, but could tell the kids did not feel so. The song describes how they were on medications that kept them going despite how they felt.

The album finalizes with “New Skies” and leaves you thinking about the one song that touched you most. For me, it is “Mouthpiece.” This song had me thinking about how in my past I always wanted to be like every one else, but as I have grown older I have gotten into being my own person even more.

For being an American, I never thought I would enjoy a Canadian’s lyrics so much. The album is what I listen to while I study. It really gets me thinking and focused on what is in front of me and, in some songs, what I am leaving behind.


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