You love to watch anime and get upset when someone calls it a cartoon but you have no one to talk about the new season of “RWBY” by Monty Oum. No one to sing the opening of “Attack on Titan” whose author Hajime Isayama you adore.You have no one you feel comfortable talking to about that new blue wig that you got for cosplay. Is there anyone like you or our you just alone in your interests here in Huntley High School?  

Here at Huntley High School Anime Club which meets every Wednesday after school in history teacher Clayton Henricksen’s room.

“We watch anime, act as a club and get people who are interested in that culture, anime and cosplay, and get them together,” senior and club leader Cristian De Leon said.

Anime Club has an environment that is like a family where everyone is free to be themselves. The laughing and chatter can be heard outside of the classroom.

“The environment is accepting and very welcoming,” Henricksen said. “Every time we have a new member ,they are excited to meet new people.”

During club they watch different first episodes of anime series. This is for people who do not know what to watch next or are just starting to watch anime and want ideas on what to watch.

“I have been going to Anime Club since the second meeting this year” freshman Tessa Highley said.

Many members make time out of their schedules to go every week, but coming off and on is not looked down upon for Anime Club members. There is no fee, so missing a meeting is not wasting money like for other clubs.

It is not necessary to know everything about anime to come to this club. Anime Club is for students simply looking for an extracurricular activity and a place to hang out.

Sign up for the activity bus and stop by next Wednesday.


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