App of the Month May:

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As sophomore Kyle Cauldren was in the hub, he tried to waste time by playing the game, and try to get the highest score possible. is a mobile game where players play as a snake and “slither” down a map and try to kill other players in order to get their snake to become bigger. They are able to do this by collecting pebbles and it would make the snake bigger. was created in March of 2016 by Steve Howse and became popular with famous youtubers like Pewdiepie and Markiplier playing and streaming the game many times.

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Photo by is the successor of, but the difference between the two is that with, players play as a bubble and could not attack bubbles that are bigger than them.

“ is a great game since it is very addictive and is a game that you can’t get your hands off,” said sophomore Kyle Cauldren. “ has become so addictive that I have not been able to stop playing it for the past couple of days and even my friends are addicted to the game as well.” has become very popular in the past months, with over 3 million people all over the world playing the game over the past months, and the numbers are growing by week.

If will keep on updating and improving, people might just see it come as famous as Flappy Bird, Angry Birds, and Subway Surfers.


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