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Erie music fills the theater and blue lights shine on the stage. The spotlight lands on the middle of the stage and there stands Will Connolly, the actor who plays Jeremy Heere, an average high school student. Jeremy isn’t special at all. In fact, he goes by so unnoticed that he isn’t even labeled as a nerd.

Many of us might feel the same way that Jeremy does, but his life is about to take a turn for the better (at first).

Rich Goranski (played by Gerard Canonic) comes onstage and starts informing Jeremy on how a “Squip” can help him be more chill. Rich is a huge fan of The Squip because it turned his life around.

A Squip is a supercomputer that implants in your brain and tells you what to do to help you become cooler. At first, it seems like the greatest idea a guy like Jeremy could come across… that is until The Squip causes him to lose his only friend, Micheal. In Jeremy’s eyes, he is becoming more and more cool with each passing day. Another reason why Jeremy wants to be more chill is for his crush, Christine Canigula.

At the biggest party of the fall, Rich set a fire and he burned down the house. This causes Micheal to realize that The Squip is planning something evil in Jeremy’s future. The Squip tries to drug the entire student body so they each have a Squip. The only thing that can shut it down: Mountain Dew Red. Luckily, Micheal, being an old-school geek, has plenty of them.

Jeremy, with all of his friends by his side, defeats The Squip and finally gets a date with Christine Canigula. Cheesy ending, I know, but overall this incredible show really left an impact on people.

This show can reach out to all audiences, the genre is so complex and complicated that it makes the show so relatable. It’s a regular high school story with a sci-fi twist, and at some points, in the show, it tugs at your heart, and it makes you fall in love with the show and the characters.

The music sets every other show apart, though. It makes you want to blast it through your room and dance but in some songs it makes you sit and think about your own life and how it could possibly relate.

“I used to listen to musicals pretty frequently,” sophomore Abby Godek said. “It’s kind of how I started listening to my current music. Be More Chill is one of my favorites.”


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