Book Blog: The Maze Runner Series

Courtesy of James Dashner

Imagine waking up, not knowing where you are, why you are there, or what happened to you.


Most likely, that is what you would be feeling besides confusion and grogginess. James Dashner does an incredible job of evoking fear and excitement in his readers of the followers of the Maze Runner series.

As always, there is one thing that ties all the books together; one thing that holds the reader’s interest. That one thing just may be the mystery of it all.

Secrets, lies and betrayal. It’s all there, hidden in every page. It builds until finally, some if not all, answers are found. Whether it’s at the end of each chapter or at the end of the book, Dashner has you greedily reading for the next mystery.

I don’t think you can finish a chapter without trying to guess what is really happening. Are they all going to survive? Will someone betray the group? Each question, every book, is a riveting series that some refuse to put down.

Other than the excitement and mystery, Dashner’s series holds another view of the future. It is a sad, destroyed version, but a possibility nonetheless. Sun flares ravaged the earth, creating desolate, baked lands, devoid of almost all human life. I say almost because although the land is practically uninhabitable, there are the ones who have gotten the Flare.

True to the books, I will not ruin the surprise, but keep these things a secret. Just another secret piled atop the many others.



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