BREAKING NEWS: Schools officials, Police investigate Friday threat


[Editor Note: This is an ongoing story and facts may change throughout. UPDATE: 12/19 3:30pm]

Rumors of a possible shooting at Huntley High School on Friday so far aren’t credible according to Dave Johnson, Principal in an address to the school.

“At this time we cannot find any credibility to the threat,” said Johnson.

Click here to read a letter regarding the situation from Johnson

Rumors started spreading about a threat in the late afternoon Wednesday on social media. The deans and the Huntley Police Department were investigating the situation.

School officials urge students to contact a dean, administrator or the Huntley Police Department if they know any information. Tips can be anonymous and your name will be kept out of it.

“We take school safety very seriously. Anytime we hear any kind of rumor that there is a potential threat we act on it immediately,” said Officer Nora Cirks, School Resource Officer at the Huntley Police Department on Monday. “It is our top priority and we go through all measures that can adjust the possible threat.

Cirks said the biggest thing to do is to come forward to report a threat or any information. The Huntley Police Department does not have access to Facebook or Twitter accounts of students so they cannot see what people are saying.

If you know anything about the credibility of the rumors or any further details about this incident The Voice encourages you to report it to the district’s bullying tip form, tip line, 847-659-INFO (4636) or the Huntley Police Department’s tip line 847-515-5333.

Illinois Governor Pat Quinn announced this week he has directed the Illinois State Police, Illinois State Board of Education and the Emergency Management Agency to see what improvements that can be made to school safety in the aftermath of the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

“I want to make you aware that we take this seriously and we value safety and security. Your help would be appreciated,” said Johnson.

Johnson said he will be emailing parents this evening. Consolidated School District 158 is expected send a press release out shortly.

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Reporting by Marek Makowski, Sport Editor and Michael Geheren, Digital Editor in Chief



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