Monday, January 22, 2018
hile Leonardo DiCaprio and "The Revenant" cast are hearing the Oscar buzz and "Star Wars: Episode VII" is smashing records at the box office, "The Forest" is looks like a puny little seedling. Playing off of the urban legends of the...
“Theme of the Month” is a series of super-short reviews on movies that fall under a certain sub-genre. This month’s theme is “family.” “Krisha” (2015) - Estrangement It’s Thanksgiving Day. A family is sitting around the house, some preparing the turkey,...
The 1960s. America saw the election, and assassination, of the nation’s youngest president. Martin Luther King Jr. won African-American’s their rights. Russia and America produced hundreds of thousand of nuclear weapons. And the most controversial war in American history was waged in the the muggy jungles of Vietnam.
One quick turn, and the 2015 Nissan GT-R Nismo slides onto the roads. It will be loved by many and beheld by a very lucky select few. This new model of the GT-R is the most aggressive Nissan GT-R to date. There is a very tricky thing about this car, though; there may be nothing too new under the hood besides now having a new 595 Horse Powered engine and 481 ft-lbs of torque up from the last model, putting out only 545 HP and only 463 ft-lbs of torque.

Movie Review: Elf

The month of December brings out classic traditions. For many, the movie Elf is part of that those traditions. Children friendly, Elf is the perfect December movie for any cozy, stay in night. Will Ferrell as Buddy, the main character, has the whole family giggling with enjoyment. The film is 11 years old and the Christmas comedy is still going strong. If you think you’ve seen one Christmas movies and you’ve seen them all, Elf proves you wrong. Not only does it involve some animation, but but a very special appearance by Peter Dinklage, or better known as the ‘angry elf.’