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“Atypical” season three provides a realistic, thoughtful view of autism

Courtesy of Netflix

Kate Alvarado

November 5, 2019

With so many shows available on Netflix, it can be hard to know what to watch. "Atypical" is a Netflix Original series that follows Sam Gardner, a boy on the autism spectrum, as he journeys through life and dating while surviving high school with the help of his family, therapist Julia, and friend Zah...

“Terminator: Dark Fate” brings redemption to classic action series

Ayman Mirkhan

November 3, 2019

The end. A thought that daunts us all but yet entices us at the same time. What will the cause of it be? Disease? World War? terminators? This curiosity is what inspires iconic film series such as the terminator legacy.  “Terminator: Dark Fate” is the latest installment of the classic movie series whi...

Harriet Tubman’s Story: Movie Review

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Emmy Cohen

November 2, 2019

If the name Harriet Tubman rings a bell, it is probably because you have heard her name in school. You may know her as the woman who freed herself and others from slavery. This film depicts her life and how it changed from being a former slave to a free woman. This movie sent chills through my skin...

Book to Big Screen: “The Perks of Being a Wallflower”

Book to Big Screen:

Skylar Sharkey

October 31, 2019

You’ve spent weeks anticipating your favorite book’s movie adaptation. You’ve obsessed over the cast, meticulously examined the soundtrack, poured over the fan theories. You’ve cleared your schedule to ensure you’re available to see your favorite characters come to life on the big screen. You...

“Maleficent: Mistress of Evil” triumphs previous films for Disney fans

Brooke Hamann

October 31, 2019

Let’s get into the Disney mojo, shall we?  Tall and slender she blends into the night as if nonexistent. Her eyes, hints of purple and green; those which flood of villainous intentions. A black cloak drapes from what can be conceived as hair, an alluring brown shade. Suddenly, becoming irritat...

“Ninth House” Book Review: It’s bestselling for a reason

Gabby Terez

October 25, 2019

Leigh Bardugo, author of the series “Shadow and Bone,” has come back with a new fantasy novel called “Ninth House.” It takes place in Yale University, the story centers around Galaxy “Alex” Stern. She is given the unexpected opportunity to go to the university after being the only survivor i...

“Mario Kart Tour” brings back childhood all through a single app

Alex O'Connell

October 16, 2019

I was first introduced to video games when my mom bought me my first Nintendo DS back in second grade. Before narrative-driven games overruled my life, I was but a casual Nintendo player, and “Mario Kart DS” was my go-to.  Fast forward to September 2019, and Nintendo is back with its newest rendit...

“The Addams Family” is what you’d expect from a reboot

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Sara Gebka

October 12, 2019

Director Conrad Vernon may not ring a bell to many who hear his name yet he’s known for working on the academy-award winning movie “Shrek,” so it was quite a surprise to see him, and director Greg Tiernan, working on the animated reboot “The Addams Family.” Let’s just say that this isn’t one ...

The Comedy Clown strikes again

courtesy of WarnerBros

Trevor Book

October 5, 2019

Joker is an exciting thrill ride that speaks to the heart and tells the story of how Arthur Fleck, played by Jaoquin Phoenix, became Joker. Arthur Fleck is a working clown trying to make people notice him and his jokes, but he also has mental issues that make him laugh uncontrollably and very unhappy. Joker is ...

“Ad Astra” reaches for the stars

Courtesy of 20th Century Fox

Braden Turk

September 22, 2019

With the rapid improvement of CGI and visual effects, films set in space have become a trend over the past few years -- 2013 had "Gravity," 2014 had "Interstellar," and 2015 had "The Martian." Now, with the aid of spectacular visuals and genuine passion, 2019 has "Ad Astra." The seventh feature of di...

Reflections on “Us”

Courtesy of Universal Pictures

Riyana Walker

May 13, 2019

As most of you may know, Jordan Peele, the writer and director of "Get Out" has not only pleased the critics and the audience… but also tells a story through his writing. Critics raving, comedian-turned-horror-film-director Jordan Peele has given us something to think about. The movie is more about ...

Netflix’s “Set It Up” Reboots the Rom-Com

Courtesy of Netflix

Skylar Sharkey

May 8, 2019

Netflix's “Set It Up,” released in 2018, has the power to kickstart a rom-com revolution. Though the production is not expected to be winning any film awards in the near future, its diverse cast of characters paves the way for future Rom-Coms to represent a greater variety of races, religions, an...