Monday, April 23, 2018
One of the most fascinating aspect of the United States is its crime. From squabbling small-town gangs to to the brutality of the Bloods and Crips and the all-powerful Italian Mafia. “Goodfellas” is one of the greatest, if not the greatest film, to ever be made that centers on the strength, power and downfall of the most feared gang in American History. Directed by the legendary Martin Scorsese, the film narrates the real-life Lucchese crime family in New York and the life of Henry Hill during his association with the family from 1955 to 1980. Henry Hill (Ray Liotta) grew up in an Irish-Italian neighborhood in East New York, and had always dreamt of being a gangster. At thirteen, Henry quit school and began working for mob capo, or lieutenant, Paul “Paulie” Cicero (Paul Sorvino). He had begun to work as a drug-runner and a courier for the family, finally living his dream. Before long he met Jimmy “Jimmy The Gent” Conway (Robert De Niro) and Tommy DeVito (Joe Pesci). The three quickly become close friends. Jimmy was known for his love of hijacking things. Cars,trucks and even planes. If it moved, he would jack it. And he loved it. Tommy was possibly the most violent person in the family. Hot-headed and loud, Tommy had no qualms about killing someone. He, in fact, loved to kill. Together, the three would run various jobs for the family, steal many vehicles, kill many people, steal millions of dollars and further spread the power, and fear, of the Lucchese family.
Now and on Earth is a metalcore band that recently released their new album “Blacked Out." Going into this review, I had never heard of this band before and probably never would have because I do not normally listen to metalcore music. I had many presumptions about that genre of music and this band I had never heard of.
Julie Anne Peters is not a familiar name, nor a famous author many recognize. Some, however, may recognize a chilling book of hers, “By the Time Your Read This I’ll be Dead.” Even the title grabs your attention right from the start.
“Riptide” by Vance Joy, was released May 21, 2013 on the album “God Loves You When You’re Dancing.” The music video is a video of all of Joy’s metaphors in a literal sense, which makes it so tasteful. Joy, an Australian singer-songwriter, wrote the song as a “coming of age” love story. The song is widely played on radios across the U.S now, and a couple of his other songs are too. “Riptide” was the single that kick-started his career here. Taylor Swift snagged him for her “1989” tour this summer, and he will be opening for her, along with the band Haim. Check out Joy’s “Riptide” and his many other songs before the concert this summer.
Typical. Typical. Typical. This was all that was going on in my mind as I watched “The Longest Ride.” Well, except for Scott Eastwood’s piercing blue eyes and his undeniably steamy body. Trust me. There was a lot of steam. First of all, “The Longest Ride” has absolutely nothing to do with the song “Save a horse (Ride a Cowboy).” Just to clear it up. All though, maybe a scene or two would make one think otherwise. “The Longest Ride” centered around a young man bull rider aiming for a glorious spot in the world finals. Eastwood played Luke Collins, the ambitious bull rider, surprisingly well. I could feel the tension in his face before he risked his life each time as he sat on a bull. It is refreshing to know that the actor has more than just a pretty face.
When it’s summer and you’re driving with the windows down, All Time Low is the perfect band to be blasting from your speakers.