Monday, April 23, 2018
Andrew Rewerts started his music career at a young age and has had many notable experiences, such as singing at a choir at Carnegie Hall.
It is Nov. 17, a brisk and cold night like any other November night. But at HHS, it is the night of the musical, “The Adventures of Alice in Wonderland”. It is a scene in the show when Alice walks...
“For me, sports are a gift,” said Symbal. “I feel that I am blessed to be given the opportunity to do as much as I do, and I will respect that by always giving it my all.”

The draw of the ice

When she places a silver-bladed skate on the mirrored surface of the ice beneath her, she feels her nerves settle. It hasn’t registered yet that she’s about to compete, but she can hear the screams of the audience fading away and before she knows it, the music has started.

Head of Security

Five long years ago, a young man was the supervisor of a painting crew. Little did he know, a single dean believed he could be the head of security. Soon, that’s what he became.
On Saturday, July 21, when most Huntley High Students are on vacation, playing sports, or hanging out with friends, sophomore Arion Yedinak will be ready for his biggest race of the year, the Chicago Yacht Club Race to Mackinac...