Sunday, July 22, 2018

Lights, camera, Kate!

It’s her and the stage. The spotlight shines on her face highlighting every detail of her makeup while blinding her view of the audience. It felt hot. Really hot. All eyes were on her. But she was not nervous. She...

The New Girl

When sophomore Coralyn Moran walks through the hallway people see a self-assured girl. They see a girl who always seems to be smiling. They see a girl who is beyond beautiful. They see a girl who keeps her head held high.They see a girl who never seems to break, but none of them knows why she had to become strong.
More than 28 hours, over $2,100, and a fair amount of learning and tinkering. It’s a lot for a high school student, but senior Chester Bischoffer does it all for the pure satisfaction of finishing something that he has worked...
She concentrated on her breath. In and out. The familiar mat moved beneath her feet. Or maybe her feet were moving. She could no longer tell.
Jasmine Morales is a teenage mother, but she does not have a child. Not yet.