Friday, January 19, 2018
She walked on the stage of the National American Miss Pageant, her hopes held high and her head held even higher. She walked on, her heart fluttering with anticipation and her stomach twisting with a mix of dread and a strange sort of excitement.

Remember the 8s

Sitting at home over the summer with his feet up on the couch thinking about the upcoming school year a sad lingering thought crosses Peter D. Pettorini’s mind. Should I not come back to Huntley for the 2014-2015 school year?
"[Tomato] is obviously a fruit because science."
he started as a substitute teacher at Huntley High School. Then she got hired as a teacher. She has taught spanish two and three for years now. But this year is different. Amanda Robles, one of the many spanish teachers at HHS, has...
First, she was in the gold mine. Cindy Fuhrer used M14 rifles to help her family protect the mine from thieves. Next, she was in the Army. Fuhrer enlisted to help protect this country.

The lone player

Tony Dipaulo eases himself into a chair. The piano keys beneath his fingers humbly await his command. A single sheet of paper guides him.