Tuesday, June 19, 2018

The draw of the ice

When she places a silver-bladed skate on the mirrored surface of the ice beneath her, she feels her nerves settle. It hasn’t registered yet that she’s about to compete, but she can hear the screams of the audience fading away and before she knows it, the music has started.
Junior Vickie Choin is a dedicated musician who is graduating early so that she can pursue her passion.

Capturing bliss

While Kate Duchene is driving to her next job, she feels nervous and stressed for what is to come. She steps out of the car and gathers her equipment. Sighing deeply, she rings the doorbell and waits while a flood of memories comes back to her. Duchene did not think that she would become a photographer, but rather an actress on stage.
nxious freshman Alaina Moran stepped onto the floor to audition for her spot on Huntley's varsity Orchesis team. As self-doubt engulfed her, it was soon eliminated by the kindness of her soon-to-be teammates. Four years later, she is now...

Giving up the universe

For most of the science teachers at Huntley High School, just teaching science is all they have known, but for physics teacher Amanda Henk, it has been so much more.
Sergio Quintana takes a splotch of Axe gel and rubs it between his fingers. He then runs it through his hair, sculpting it up like a pyramid. He puts in his six earrings, three in each ear. He is ready...