The Voice

Lights, camera, Kate!

Kate Urosevich performing as Rona Lisa Peretti in the Fr/Soph musical Putnam County Spelling Bee (Courtesy of K. Urosevich).

Mawa Iqbal

January 31, 2017

It’s her and the stage. The spotlight shines on her face highlighting every detail of her makeup while blinding her view of the audience. It felt hot. Really hot. All eyes were on her. But she was not nervous. She did not shrink away from the burning glow of fluorescent, but rather welcomed it. S...

Drumming to his own beat

Junior Jack Filpi drumming out, surrounded by his other fellow percussionists (R. O'Sullivan).

Courtney Thomas

January 24, 2017

In sixth grade, junior Jack Filpi joined band to pursue his love of music; he started out on the tuba. That following February though, Filpi was concussed, and his doctor had recommended that he give up the tuba, which also meant giving up band, and that was something that Filpi did not want to even...

Building a future in computer science

Building a future in computer science

Lucas Modzelewski

December 20, 2016

More than 28 hours, over $2,100, and a fair amount of learning and tinkering. It’s a lot for a high school student, but senior Chester Bischoffer does it all for the pure satisfaction of finishing something that he has worked so hard on and for so long: building his own computer. It was not too...

Give the Gift of Adopting a Family

Students wrap presents for the Adopt-a-Family wrapping day in the commons. (S. Faheem)

Danielle King

December 14, 2016

Just like any other day in the noisy commons area at Huntley High School, students sit around the large circular tables chatting about their homework, their adventure-filled weekends, and their juicy gossip they just have to tell. Meanwhile, students chow down on various unhealthy snacks, like greasy potato ch...

Huntley’s very own zookeeper

Geraci and 3 of her 17 pets (E. Kindl).

Emily Kindl

December 8, 2016

Every day she checks on her pets. She makes sure they have food and water, and plenty of love and care. But unlike other families, she owns more than just a couple dogs. Two dogs, four cats, one fish, three bunnies, six rats, and one mouse. That is a grand total of 17 pets, ladies and gentlemen. One...

Not so average teen

Castro with her sash and crown (Courtesy of T. Castro).

Danielle King

October 26, 2016

Taylor Castro is like any normal teen. She goes to school, gets good grades, hangs out with friends, and is on the Poms Dance Team. In her free time, she also enjoys Netflix. Behind this average girl is a person you may have never known. Castro is a four time winner in the National American Miss Illin...

Young Artist Proves his Success

Young Artist Proves his Success

Bri Governale

October 10, 2016

icking up his pencil, senior Noe Martinez begins to draw the first idea that pops into his head. He has a steady hand as he traces straight lines onto the blank, white sheet of paper. "I actually don't know what got me picking up a pencil and start drawing," Martinez said. "If I had to pick from th...

Goodbye Detroit, Hello Huntley!

Junior Pooja Mangukiya poses on the deck of her new Talamore house (Courtesy of P. Mangukiya)

Mawa Iqbal

September 22, 2016

he was no stranger to the big move, although the first time wasn’t exactly a walk in the park. Packing up tidbits from her early childhood into suitcases and relocating to a different state had her in tears for two days straight. Junior Pooja Mangukiya had lived in Detroit, Michigan for the first ei...

Playing in perfect pitch

Photo courtesy of B. Bala

Natalie Trzeciak

May 23, 2016

e feels the soft vibration of the strings beneath his fingertips. His mind is focused on the music, on every changing chord. The atmosphere the audience is giving off is electric. The very thought of them enjoying his music is exciting, and nothing less than what he dreamt of as an 8-year-old boy. Junior B...

Around the World

Ayemoba and her siblings at her sister's graduation, where they learned of the surprise trip.

Alex Landman

May 23, 2016

chool was finally out and unlike most kids, the next morning she did not get to sleep in.  Her parents surprised her and her siblings with a trip around the world to visit their cousins, most of whom she had not seen since she was a baby.   For sophomore Abigail Ayemoba, seeing her family required an early ...

Dazed, Confused, and Bruised

Walsh in the hospital after getting hit in the face with a softball. (Courtesy of Q. Walsh)

Alex Landman

April 25, 2016

fter an eight hour car ride to softball nationals in Ohio, freshman Quinn Walsh wanted nothing more than to step onto the field.  She put on her eye black, straightened her bow, double knotted her cleats, and it was game time.  However, the day did not go as she thought. During pregame warmups, an...