The Voice

Taking a Shot

The score sheet of the Glenbard Invitational, showing Henderson as first place for varsity and shows her personal record (Courtesy of S. Henderson).

Alex Landman

March 18, 2016

t the end of the track and field season last year, she made a promise to herself for the next season, a promise she told herself she would keep.  As for most athletes, improvement happens in the offseason, and that was exactly what senior Sarah Henderson was determined to achieve.   “I was ...

A Greener Diet

A Greener Diet

Maggie McGee

March 10, 2016

For most people, living without a diet including juicy grilled steaks, chicken nuggets from McDonald's, classic ball park hot dogs, and famous Philly cheese steaks is unimaginable. Yet, for sophomore Emily D’Antonio, being a vegetarian has been normal for the past 5 years.   By definiti...

A Sugar Scare

A Sugar Scare

Alex Landman

February 22, 2016

er lifelong journey started like this; she was sick for a week in sixth grade, so her mom took her to the doctor.  There were no noticeable symptoms, but she knew something was not right.  They ran tests on her, and it all escalated from there. Her blood sugar level was at 500. An average blo...

A Smile in the Crowd

A Smile in the Crowd

Camille Paddock

February 17, 2016

t’s a typical Monday morning. Students are rushing to their classes, friends are conversing in the hallway, and everyone is giving off blank stares as they walk down the hall, minds numb. Except for her. She makes sure to say hello to all of the people she knows. She makes sure wave to...

Shredding the Slopes

Bremer freestyle snowboarding in Park City, Utah.  (Courtesy of J. Bremer)

Alex Landman

January 21, 2016

t was Spring Break of 2015 and most students were preparing to head somewhere, anywhere warm, especially after the bone-chilling winter that hit full force.  However, there was an exception. She stood on top of the mountain, strapped on her snowboard, pulled on her goggles, and prepared for that fr...

On a Mission

Revere and her Chicago Mission hockey team after a tournament win. (Courtesy of C. Revere)

Alex Landman

January 15, 2016

he strapped on her leg pads and pulled her goalie helmet over her head. This was the biggest moment of her life.  She knew she had no choice.  This was it.  The end of the road.  It was either win the bronze medal or go home.  Going home was not an option. “It all hit me when I was skat...

A desire to learn

A desire to learn

Mohammed Syed

December 13, 2015

ome things in life are hard to get through, but doing so makes a person successful.  One of these things is getting a PhD.  Although many teachers do not have one, math teacher Beth Knott does.   “I finished my PhD in March of 2013 from Roosevelt University," said Knott. “My dissertation was...

Just a Memory

Just a Memory

Camille Paddock

November 19, 2015

he walked down the hallway, eyes glued to her phone. After arriving at her locker, she glanced up to put in her combination. Then she saw her. The girl who made her life a living hell just a few years ago. And the memories all flooded back like it had just happened yesterday. “I remember c...

Keeping Passions at Hand

Senior Lauren Aceron practices singing before posting a video to her friends on Facebook (courtesy of L. Aceron)

Ashley O'Brien

November 17, 2015

he anticipation of singing is what keeps Senior Lauren Aceron going everyday. Guitar in her hands, and her mic near by, Aceron has a passion for singing unlike any other. "It takes all the stress away from all the tests and quizzes I have to get ready for," said Aceron. Aceron has been singing as...

Mission Possible: impacting lives through the power of Christ

Mission Possible: impacting lives through the power of Christ

Mawa Iqbal

November 5, 2015

e was eating a small lunch of carrots and ham sandwiches with his fellow missionaries when he noticed a figure move in the distant prairie. A lanky, hunched over Native American man began to approach their wooden picnic table, but suddenly stopped 20 feet away. “Can I come closer?” he asked softly, visibl...

Going Bald for a Cure

Senior Lexi Lowitzki has some fun before her golf meet. (Danielle King)

Danielle King

October 7, 2015

ast March, the brave Lexi Lowitzki volunteered to do what not many people, let alone girls, would be willing to do, during the St. Baldrick’s event held at Huntley High School, shave all of her hair off. Lowitzki is currently a senior at HHS who participates on the girls golf team, girls basketball...

No Thyroid, No Problem

Grace Carman (right) and Becca Fishman (left) pose on Twin Day during Homecoming Week.

Madeline Moffett

October 1, 2015

ou can live without a lot of things: a big house, the newest iPhone, or maybe even Netflix. You can even live without a thyroid. And junior Grace Carman is not just living; she is thriving. Halloween had recently come and gone. Pumpkins began to rot on front porches and skeletons were being pu...